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AFH & Nike Gamechangers: Homeless World Cup Legacy Center in Rio

December 17, 2009

AFH has launched a call for design proposals for the Homeless World Cup Youth and Women’s Leadership Center in Santa Cruz , Rio de Janiero, Brazil. their latest project in partnership with Nike Gamechangers. With partners officially on board and a site secured, the search begins for a concept design and architect in designing and constructing this prototype facility that utilizes football as a tool for empowerment and social change for women and youth. More info and unmissable video after the jump!

Following the succes of the Homeless World Cup held in Melbourne in late 2008, homeless delegations identified that the Homeless World Cup could establish specific programs for homeless women using football and social enterprise, enabling them to be the drivers behind their own social and economical development and in turn extend their knowledge with the same positive team attitude and leadership skills football brings forth.

With the Homeless World Cup arriving in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in fall 2010, Architecture for Humanity, Homeless World Cup, and Nike have teamed up with local partners Organização Civil de Ação Social (OCAS), and Bola Pra Frente (BPF) to establish multiple Legacy Centers to implement the Homeless World Cup influence beyond the week-long Tournament and Leadership Conference. The program will establish a legacy of the Homeless World Cup with two pilot Legacy Centers, a football-based Youth and Women’s Leadership Center in Santa Cruz and the Women’s Enterprise Center in Sao Paulo. Defined by the success of the pilot project, Architecture For Humanity and Homeless World Cup intend to expand the influence of the Leadership and Enterprise Centers to a global scale.

About the site:

Santa Cruz is an extensive, populous, mostly low-income neighborhood in the West Side of Rio de Janeiro which is over 440 years old, having originated from a farm founded in 1567. Like most low-income communities, Santa Cruz has many problems regarding public transportation, sanitation and environmental degradation. It is currently a center for new development, with construction of a new steel plant and various manufacturing facilities, and is therefore teetering between potential urban degradation or improvement. The Youth and Women’s Leadership Center aims to support the positive attributes of density development in a marginal community.

AFH’s first collaboration with Nike Gamechangers resulted in the super-cool Skateistan in Afghanistan and the Mahiga High Rainwater Basketball Court, which is currently underway.

Visit the OAN submission page for more info. Deadline for entries is January 16! And don’t miss this video about the Homeless World Cup initiative…its priceless!!

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