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BioTower by Dennis Dollens

November 17, 2009

Dennis Dollens is an architect specialized in Biomimetic Architecture and we’re happy to announce that Dollens will be one of our speakers in the TEDxArkitects that Arkinet is organizing with Elisava. With the moto Building Ideas for a Better World, we know that beyond the bounds of glossy design and the architectural star system, there exists an ambitious and socially-driven movement led by hundreds of architects and designers who are paving the way towards a more equitable, brighter and greener future for all… and the work of Dennis Dollens fits perfectly under this topic.

The BioTower, a new project [2009-ongoing] has a branch matrix, sensor nodes with leaf-cluster systems for air filtration & ventilation, sound baffling and heat-light control. Dollens believes that good design solutions derive from nature. That’s why he’s testing his approach ‘to explore forms, shapes, connections, as well as biological properties from the natural world’, as we can see in the design of the BioTower.

The BioTower developed an idea that came from a series of branch structures—asymmetrical trusses—supporting paper membranes hand-made from yucca blades (leaves), that demonstrate the idea of clustered skins stabilizing and strengthening branching struts; and that’s how the Canopy project became the physical prototype for the monocoques and then the hovering leaf clusters. These ideas were also developed in the project Los Angles Tower.

For the façade there were developed a serie of branch panels with an origamilike folded paper skin modeled from the observation of leaves, as an early study for a hovering screen facade with a faceted surface. In the images above you can see the schematic for outer biomechanical sensor-node pods, biological filters, and passive cooling system embodied in digital leaf panels.

It can be seen the complete publication following this link.

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