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INHABITING THE WEB. A meeting to reflect upon the new cultures of habitation

October 2, 2009


On Saturday October 3, in Bologna, Italy, the conference INHABITING THE WEB will be held and will explore the Web as a new place for social relations.

The meeting will be hosted by Carlo Massarini, Italian journalist and TV anchor. “In the course of the centuries, men have designed the spaces we live in -from megalopoles to dwellings- and this culture expressed itself at its best in architecture. Also the Web has its own architecture and it designs the spaces where people move, interact, retrieve and share information and fragments of memory,” writes Massarini, who invited five speakers who operate in the field of architecture and in the Web: Carlo Infante, Marco Brizzi, Antonino Saggio, Mario Gerosa, Gianluca Nicoletti.

In this context, Image ARCHIVE interpretes the framework of Carlo Massarini’s program by offering a selection of the best architecture videos that were presented during VISIONS, the last edition of the BEYOND MEDIA festival.

Above: Squint/Opera, “Gardens by the Bay II” (architecture by Grant Associates, Wilkinson Eyre Architects), UK 2008, 2’41”. Gardens by the Bay II is the second film created by Squint/Opera for the Singapore Bay International Design Competition to depict the client’s exuberant and ambitious scheme.

Above: 2A+P/A (Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo) and Angelo Grasso, “Castrum”, IT 2009, 6’30”. The Mayor of the City decided to create a new settlement. He did not want to conceive just a city plan, but to reveal a new emotion, a new political vision. He loved to repeat a sentence “the city is too important to put it into the hands of the architects”.

The conference INHABITING THE WEB is open to the public and will be held on Saturday October 3 at 11 am in the Sala Sinfonia, Hall 36 as part of the events of CERSAIE 2009 in the Bologna Fair.

More info: Image Archive

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