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VIDEO-CHAT Paris, Boulogne with Josep Lluís Mateo

March 17, 2010

We have talked before about mateoarquitectura and their open way to share their projects. But this is a complete new experience. Architect Josep lluís Mateo did a few weeks ago a video-chat visit to the site of the construction of their project in Boulogne, Paris. Journalist were able to ask questions live via chat. Here is the edited and final version.

From Josep Lluís Mateo text:

How to build a closed street block using various disconnected pieces was the first question we had to address.

The general composition, a score to be played by others, envisaged empty spaces between blocks, like great windows onto the empty green centre, and volumes with different responsibilities:
one established the corner; another, taller and long, constituted the front that overlooks the large boulevard; others, pivoting on the corner, defined the sides.

We then have to build part of this idea. We continue with the great linear office block in keeping with our studies into the expressive capacity of concrete structural walls and the standard typological conditions of contemporary office space.

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