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Drawings | Victor Timofeev

October 9, 2009


Taking a look at our friend dpr-barcelona tublr account we noticed about these amazing drawings by Victor Timofeev and just want to share some of this art work with you. All the drawings we’re going to show are part of the set Vocabulary Critical Method of Engagement, supervised by Professor Anthony Panzera, Hunter College. There is really a lack of info about Timofeev’s work on the net, but we found out this printo on-demand book that you can buy or a download link for a cheaper price here.

Let’s take a look to some of his art work:




Timoveef call most of these drawings “Architectural cappriccios” and he works combining spontaneous black paint applications with plans for new structures, or combining red paint application with plans for some housing like Le Corbusier’s villa plans or Mies van der Rohe buildings or even views of street outside his apartment by Campo San Stefano, Venice.




Timofeev was born in Riga, Latvia in 1984 but currently living in New York. He quotes on his site some works influenced by El Lissitzky and we can see a clear resemblance here. He describes his work with these words: “This works on paper range from direct observational drawings to drafting from the imagination, all united by the thematic framework of architecture.”

More info at his own site: Victor Timofeev

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