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WEB | Amazing Future

April 14, 2010

From time to time, we love to feature awesome or interesting websites we find during those rare moments of procrastination… We just discovered Amazing Futures, a compendium of great images related to the past and, as we understand, using this background to predict the present and future. Mostly all images have no related info, where they come from or the events they are associated with, but they are so diverse and interesting that it’s definitely worth a look.

Caption: Le Corbusier teaching

Caption: French nuclear testing in the South Pacific.

Some times the web has hidden links or even sounds and it’s a great experience to surf through the older posts and try to discover interesting information that may well come from those hidden links. Until now, we discovered two classifications or tags: Future and Amazing.

Caption: AmazingFuture Mixtape 2010 — 01 by Mantas T.

There are inevitable references to the atomic bomb, NASA artefacts, biologycal research or futuristic architecture designs, as all of these were concepts that changed the conception and meaning of the word “future” in the past decades.

Somewhere, hidden in page 12 there is a note that says: Follow us on twitter. So, if you want to have a great time and just discover some random and interesting images and links… why wait? Jump to Amazing Future right now!!


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