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News from Haiti | Relocation Underway

April 12, 2010

People go on with their lives at Petionville Club IDP camp, where  more than 50,000 people have moved into makeshift tents when they lost  their homes in the January 12 earthquake in Port-au-Prince Feb. 7,  2010.
Peitionville camp. Photo: The Vancouver Sun

As rainy season threatens countless more lives in the makeshift camps of Haiti’s aftermath, operations are underway to relocate thousands of homeless people to more secure locations, which began this weekend by moving the residents of the Petionville Golf Club to Corail Cesselesse, about 20km (12 miles) north of the capital. Some are worried that people are being moved before the new sites are ready, but as Sean Penn points out in a video covering his efforts there, sometimes it’s “overcaution that kills people”.

A haitian man washes his feet outside his new tent at the Corail    site

New camp in Corail. Photo via BBC.

Shakira and Sean Penn in Haiti. Photo Shakira gallery.

Shakira and AFH (Cameron Sinclair) at refugee camp. Photo Shakira gallery.

At this point when immediate shelter and rebuilding are becoming priorities in the relief effort strategy, time is of the essence as rainy season looms with the manace of floods and mudslides. We’ve heard good news that AFH has opened shop there and work on the Shakira school has begun (follow @casinclair on twitter for updates and photos). After claiming the lives of some 220,000 people, the 7.0 earthquake left an estimated 1.3 million people homeless, hundreds of thousands of them living in hundreds of makeshift camps.

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