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Sergio Belinchón | Urban Pics

April 9, 2010

Sergio Belinchón is a photographer born in Valencia, Spain in 1971 . Currently he lives and works in Berlin. Most of his work revolves around urban landscapes, whether it’s empty ruins and or huge cities born from urban sprawl over the last century.

His camera captures the dehumanization of urban areas: off-season resorts, buildings under construction or abandoned structures. Some of his series focuses on the outskirts of cities, in which “nature disappears, and nobody knows what will happen.” In his photograph human presence is represented by its absence.

His photographs are in line with traditional methods, although sometimes they are slightly digitally retouched.

In his own words:

“In Spain one can find a linear city all along the coast built for tourism, a section of land that becomes the most crowded region in Europe, but just for a short time. It’s a city for only three months in summer, when thousands of people come looking for the sea and the sun. The rest of the year it becomes a ghost city, a city without any a function, with no people and no services. It has been growing and expanding since the 60’s, and it seems it have no end. This is photographic series documents the development of this ephemeral coastal city.” –Ephemeral Cities, by Sergio Belinchon


More info about wonderful Belinchón pics at his web-site.

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