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April 7, 2010

Wallpeople is a collaborative art project that leads people to create, have fun, and be part of a unique moment within an urban place, with the aim of setting up a unique street work made by all. In the recent years the streets of many cities have lost the essence of urban art, due in part to restrictions. Wallpeople tries to bring art back to the streets and reclaim public spaces as a means of expression and citizen interaction.

The largest photo mural in town. Photography is the starting point of this first meeting: the ability to instantly grasp the perceived reality of a moment. To display these little fragments of life, real or unreal, has always been an indoor activity. It’s time to bring it outdoors!

With everyone collaboration, they will create the largest possible photo mural: a wall turned into a makeshift open-air museum where everyone can display and observe the pictures of others. Professional, amateur or novice, everyone willing to create and recreate themselves are invited. The result is an ensemble piece, urban and unique which can only be enjoyed live during a certain period of time.

Action Aims

– Rescue the artistic spirit of the city.
– Support the living art, the handmade works and the analogical feelings in an increasingly digital world. Why not create a physical Flickr in the real world?
– Give people the opportunity to show their art, by providing a space where everyone can showcase their talent.

From Barcelona to the World
Wallpeople, originated and based in Barcelona, has invited other cities to participate as a collaborative initiative. So far, Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Budapest, Rome, Nicosia, Buenos Aires and Mexico City have joined the project, making it a global event. The same day, simultaneously in each of these cities, one of its walls will become a true work of art created by hundreds of people.

How to participate

– Each city will announce on Facebook the chosen place for the mural to their stakeholders.
Saturday April 10th, 2010 go to the indicated place with some printed pictures.
– The theme and sizes are free, but giant images (1x1meters) or which may offend sensitivities will not be accepted.
– The time wall creation is from 17h to 17.30h and the exposure time from 17.30h to 19h.
– The organization shall have double sided tape to stick the participantʼs pictures. Still, bringing your own tape is recommended to facilitate the process.
– Stick your picture next to another, only separated by a small margin. Respect the rest of the pictures.
– At 19h the organization will give a warning to set the end of exposure.
– At this time you may withdraw your own pictures or leave them on the wall and take one from another participant.
– If you want someone to take your picture you can put your e-mail on the back to enable the person to leave you a comment, so make the mural a more interactive experience.
– The pictures that remain will be withdrawn by the organization and will not be used for any other purpose.

Wallpeople is an experiment, something alive and unpredictable. In the future they will organize new editions with different themes and formats for an entirely new experience. Wallpeople is a project made by people, and people will decide how far it can reach. See you on the street!

Follow Wallpeople on twitter at @Wallpeople and at their web-site.

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  1. April 7, 2010 4:41 pm

    omg, it’s so amazing!!!! i wish i could be there….

  2. April 7, 2010 5:31 pm

    i like it.
    Cool idea

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