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TECHTILE #3 | Nosinger

April 6, 2010

NOSINGER designs invisible things without explicit signature. With these words the artist and designer NOSINGER describes his own work. TECHTILE Exhibition space design was nominated in the best 5 in the ‘Show & Sell’ category of The Great Indoors Award in Netherland. Now we just received his latest project, Techtile #3:

NOSINGER wrote this text related with his experience on working TECHTILE #3:

Things that we can do as individuals are very limited.

We live with a vast amount of anxiety, however we can comprehend most of the things surrounding us, because there has been a big change in the value structure of society.
Everyone can sense that we have to change this situation.
The society expects unconsciously an edit capability that we call design.

Nevertheless the potential of one designer is only little in contrast to the united strength of many people.
Therefore I do believe the design activities to change; no longer the designer is needed to provide answers to questions, but to develop questions that entrust many people with multifarious answers.

The space for the TECHTILE #3 exhibition presents a research of advanced tactile technology. The exhibition was presented at the K gallery on the 26th to the 28th of February 2010 and was introduced by academic researchers and NOSIGNER. Over two hundred different textures, collected in the city of Tokyo, constitute the exhibition space.

More than 20 people between the age of 10 and 40 copied real textures of their environment like surfaces and materials by hand-casting aluminum foils and thereby memorise the diverse relief of the city. In other words, the space of the TECHTILE #3 exhibition is spontaneously-formed by participants, after setting certain rules for the design. This space is not designed by someone, it is designed by the collective intelligence of participants.

Textures that were hidden for the eye became visible through the use of aluminum foils.

The exhibition raises the tactile experience into the awareness of participants and guests and helps to memorize tactile experiences through the textures of aluminum foils. Space is created by using elementary rules and the most radical nature of tactile experiences that everybody understands.


For more info, visit NOSINGER web-site.

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