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WEB | Index of Cartographic Images

March 31, 2010

The Index of Cartographic Images is an fascinating site with educational purposes where you can find ancient maps dating from 6,000 B.C. to 1880 presented in four different categories: Ancient Maps, Early Medieval Maps, Late Medieval Maps and Renaissance Cartography.

From the Ancient Maps:

Caption: Frame of the Greek world

Caption: Reconstruction of Herodotus World Map (ca. 450 B.C.)


From the Time Chart of Medieval Cartography

Caption: Macrobian world map, 10th century in Bede’s De temporum ratione.

Caption: RCosmas Indicopleustes’ world picture, 6 th century in the Christian Topography

Caption: 205O T-O map, from a 13 th century Sallust codex


From the Late Medieval Maps

Caption: The Countries in the Southwestern Sea, from the Kuang Yü T’u

Caption: Catalan Atlas (facsimile), detail: Europe, North Africa

Caption: Yoktae chewang honil kangnido by Ch’üan Chin and Li Hui, 1402 [Map of Historical Emperors and Kings and of Integrated Borders and Terrain]


From the Renaissance Maps

Caption: Bartholomew Columbus/Alessandro Zorzi, sketch map, Africa

Caption: Map of the Discoveries of Columbus, Christopher Columbus/Carolus Verardus, 1493

Caption: Caveri [Canerio] world map, 1502-04


For map and history lovers, this is a great resource, please visit the Cartographic Images web-site here.

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