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Il n’y a pas de hasard | Julien Berthier

March 29, 2010

Have you imagined how to simply measure your house or the surrounding infrastructures? This is an instrument for making a fixed, arbitrary measurement (neither metric nor imperial/standard), used to identify man-made objects in the Canadian landscape. The art-work was designed by Julien Berthier in 2005. There’s not much information about the project, but we can take a look at the images:

Architects are used to have a measuring tape in their pockets because it’s flexible and small. It was patented in 1868, making this series of images an ironic counterpoint to its sheer ubiquity, sometimes even appearing in miniature as a present or a design object. Now that it has been mostly replaced by laser instruments and new measurement tools, we could most certainly call this a homage to the measuring tape.


We want to say thanks to @cerreyes for catching up our attention over this work. To visit Berthier web-site, here.

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