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Fractal Boundaries | Jun Pak + Cole Reynolds

March 25, 2010

Fractal Boundaries is a project developed by Jun Pak + Cole Reynolds for Crisis Fronts, the Degree Project Seminar, Studio, and Research Initiative led by Michael Chen and Jason Lee at Pratt Institute School of Architecture.

A study of mobility in Los Angeles as it pertains to the formation of self-similar patchwork organizations of neighborhoods and sub districts within the downtown. Travel distance to freeway access points and public transportation was tabulated for each commercial or residential unit within the subject area and cross referenced against census data on automobile ownership. The mapping reveals patches and regions exhibiting ranges of high to low connectivity that correspond to data about socioeconomic status. These are understood to be regions that would support the introduction of secondary pedestrian-oriented circulation infrastructures that outline future regions for vertical development now that the horizontal growth of the city is approaching its limit.

As if we were travelling through The Infrastructural City, where we can read:

Los Angeles is now in perpetual crisis. Infrastructure has ceased to support its urban plans, subordinating architecture to its own purposes. This out-of-control but networked world is increasingly organized by flows of objects and information.

Now, Pak and Reynolds proposes that the scale of the infrastructure is a direct correspondence to that of its user. Devices such as water collection, energy collection, light control and agriculture pods are used in an immediate way for results that aim to stimulate a changing lifestyle and characteristic of Los Angeles in an effort to catalyze certain areas of the city in a way to formulate new circulation routes and augment density.

What do you think?

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