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The Architecture of Tron: Legacy

March 19, 2010
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Tron Legacy

Contrary to the original film, much of Tron: Legacy was shot on real sets

Trailer’s out and the hype is up. Tron: Legacy, the anxiously awaited sequel to the cult scifi 1982 film is going to be an anticipated Xmas present to sci-fi buffs come this December. Shot entirely in 3D and VFX’d by Digital Domain, the film promises some spectacular design and blue-tinted cyberspaces, which, everyone is saying, is thanks to the director’s background in architecture. Joseph Kosinski was scoffed at for “throwing away” his architecture degree, but it looks like this architect-turned-CG master of the virtual world will be the last one laughing. Read on for more about Kosinski’s background, a compilation of related videos, set photos, films stills and the full-length trailer of the film.

Behind the Scenes of "Tron Legacy"

We’ve seen what non-architects like Alex Roman have done with 3D architecture on screen, and have covered CG-enhanced cities like Vancouver as Caprica City. So what can an architect bring to the table? Or rather, what do you get when you mashup an architect-trained 3D whiz and an aspiring filmmaker?

Jeff Bridges, who comes back as his character in the original Tron, said to HitFix on the film’s set: “It’s interesting different filmmakers where they come from and what they bring to the film and he’s an architect and so the film has a very, you know, heightened design feel to it”

As we found out through FastCompany, Kosinski took an engineering class with IDEO founder David Kelley, upon who’s advice he chose the path of design and ended up at Columbia’s architecture school (back then known for introducing high-end computer programs into architecture), where he was taught by the likes of Gregg Lynn.

“I decided that architecture would be the kind of ultimate combination of the creative interests I had and the technical interests I had, so… Columbia was one of the first institutions that was giving architecture students the tools that automotive designers and visual effects facilities down in Los Angeles were using in feature films…”

With Tron: Legacy under his belt and other projects underway, looks like Kosinski’s proved some people wrong and finally got what he wished for: “To explore the blurred boundaries between architecture, film and graphics.”

Kosinski at a recent conference about how he got to where he is now:

Tron Legacy HD Trailer

Imagenes del trailer de Tron: Legacy

Imagenes del trailer de Tron: Legacy

Imagenes del trailer de Tron: Legacy

Imagenes del trailer de Tron: Legacy

Imagenes del trailer de Tron: Legacy

Imagenes del trailer de Tron: Legacy

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