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Stephen Wiltshire | Cityscapes

March 18, 2010

Some of you may already be familiar with Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic artist with a photographic memory that lets him recreate things he sees with remarkable accuracy. Obsessed with buildings since childhood, his incredibly detailed recreations of cityscapes on paper, purely from memory, have garnered him recognition from the media, art schools and architecture firms worldwide. Last October, all it took was a 20 min helicopter ride over Manhattan to draw a 5-meter panorama of New York at the Pratt Institute in a matter of 6 days, which puts the icing on a cake of nine works depicting some of the world’s most iconic cities – London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rome, Madrid, Frankfurt, Dubai, and Jerusalem. Now that his ultimate skyline is done and dusted, Stephen plans to focus on individual buildings.

Wiltshire shot to international fame in 1987 when his talent was featured on a BBC program and he was introduced by former president of the UK’s Royal Academy of Art Sir Hugh Casson as “the best child artist in Britain.” Since then, Wilshire has been traveling all over the world, commissioned by schools and invited by top firms like Fosters & Partners to visit their offices. He has twice been featured in the list of the 100 most influential black people in Britain and in 2006 was awarded an MBE, or membership to the Order of the British Empire, for services to the art world.

Work from Stephen’s entire career is permanently on display at the Stephen Wiltshire Gallery in London, where he also has a studio. His favorite building in his home city is the Gherkin.

For more of his drawings, videos and documentaries on Stephen’s work, visit his website.

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  1. March 18, 2010 12:59 pm

    Wonderful stuff, the creative expressions of anyone through art is a wonder of the world.

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