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Stop-motion Graffiti Brings Walls to Life

March 16, 2010

COMBO: Blu’s latest stop-motion video, a collaborative animation with David Ellis

Elusive graffiti artist from Bologna, Italy, Blu is known for his towering images of monsters and figures, a cross between barbaric cartoon creatures and characters from Greek mythology. Due to the massive scale of his drawings, the buildings that Blu sketches on, which he sees as ‘sheets of paper’, often come across as never being quite big enough. We particularly love how his characteric stop-motion videos bring brick & mortar to life while often making bold socio-economic-political commentary. More of his work in Barcelona, London and other cities after the jump!

Green Shark: a wall painted for the Influencers festival in Barcelona (Carmel neighboorhood)

MUTO: Perhaps Blu’s most well-known stop-motion graffiti animation to date.

He normally draws images in his sketch book before working on the wall, where he often improvises something completely new. He comments on the role of buildings and architecture in his work: ‘The way Matta-Clark used the building as a sculpture; it’s something I try to imitate when I paint.’

"Segundo Asalto" in Zaragoza, Spain

Belgrade, Serbia

San Jose, Costa Rica

Blu’s graffiti was also featured on the walls of the Tate Modern in 2008

See the rest of Blu’s works on his wonderfully unique sketchbook-website.

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