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Holl House | Andrew Maynard Architects

March 16, 2010

“What is time? Is it an ever-rolling stream that bears all our dreams away, as the old hymn says? Or is it s railroad track? Maybe it has loops and branches, so you can keep going forward and yet return to an earlier station on the line.” “Einstein’s theory of relativity shows that time and space are inextricably interconnected.   One cannot curve space without involving time as well. Thus time has a shape. However, it appears to also have a one-way direction.” -Stephen Hawking’s UNIVERSE IN A NUTSHELL

Andrew Maynard Architects aka AMA had designed this prototype as part of their experimental projects so-called “architecture of enthusiasm”. As they wrote:

It is a reality that most buildings [and the vast majority of architects] do not respond well to the condition of TIME. Buildings are designed at a specific point in time for a specific purpose. Once the building process has come to an end the building simply ages as time passes, rather than adapting.   The building begins to become irrelevant as the needs of its users and as technology changes. The typical response to this condition is to refit or part or wholly demolish.

Buildings, too often, are static representations of a fixed point of time constrained to a linear understanding and chronology. Architecture is so static that there exists the threat of irrelevance beyond the creation of shells to house truly responsive designs.   The house of multiple dimensions represents a search for a space that is adaptable to the whim of its user, a space that does not simply contain elements of one’s life but a space that recognises and allows for change.


Recently we published an interview with Andrew Maynard, you can read it here.

More info at AMA web-site.

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