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49 CITIES Second Edition | Storefront for Art and Architecture

March 16, 2010

What links Wright and Le Corbusier with the Spanish Conquistadors and Archizoom?  Is a city really a tree after all? Can it be a mound of dirt? Or should it really be a 200-story floating pyramid? There are lot of questions that are present in the book 49 CITIES, a project by Amale Andraos, Dan Wood, Yasmin Vobis, Michael Alexander, Hilary Zaic, Jose Esparza, Anne Menke, Sam Dufaux, Jenny Lie Andersen, Alexander Maymind and Willem Boning that will be launch at Storefront for Art and Architecture in NYC on March 18th at 7:00 PM

The question are more and in the book it’s possible to find the answers:

What city form has been used throughout history in response to foreign invasions and warfare?  Did Buckminster Fuller and Cedric Price really “do” density better than Paolo Soleri?  Who was bold enough, or perhaps megalomaniacal enough, to propose a new city for 10 million people in the middle of a bay?  Was suburbia actually invented to limit damages during a nuclear attack?  How can 6 million people be completely engaged in “efficient consumption”?  Which architect proposed a city composed of 100% greenspace?  How many apartments can be built in a building stretching from Baltimore to Washington?  Can a city shaped like an amoeba really combat urban chaos?  Which imaginary cities can best be used as a model for the ecological city of the future?

49 Cities sets out to crunch the numbers of several centuries of unrealized urbanism, all the way from the Roman city to the great utopian projects of the 20th century. Through plans, sections, diagrams, charts and scale drawings, 49 cities are observed statistically and presented in an unprecedented comparative study, the result of a research project conducted over several years.

This Second Edition also features a new interview with Michael Webb (Archigram) and an essay by Sam Jacob [FAT]


Don’t miss it!!

Storefront for Art and Architecture: 97 Kenmare Street, 10012 New York, NY

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