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March 15, 2010

Minimaforms was founded in 2002 by brothers Stephen and Theodore Spyropoulos as an experimental architecture and design practice that explores projects that provoke and facilitate new means of communication. Their approach examines interactive and evolutionary processes that engage the intimate integration of social and material interaction. Some of their current work includes an interactive event based ephemeral structure commissioned by the ICA London to be performed in Trafalgar Square; a mobile communication vehicle for war veterans with Polish artist Krzysztof Wodicziko, a gateway pavilion structure for Brunel University, a video piece with Warp recording artist Mira Calix and a contemporary redesign of Archigram’s David Greene’s seminal Living Pod Project. Let’s take a look at some of these projects:


The (War Veteran) Vehicle facilitates new forms of communication through the deployment of mobile agent assemblies.  Each communication agent is designed to facilitate a mobile environment that stimulates public dialogue through a personalized space of conversation.  A hand powered mobile environment becomes a communication vehicle through its ability to create and project testimonies of veterans who engage the vehicle.  The vehicle creates a public space of conversation through the “opening up” of its shielded envelope to stimulate engagement between the veteran and immediate public.

This transformable capacity allows the vehicles the ability to create event based scenarios as responsive communication systems. Public deployment strategies can be articulated through assembly logic and formation of multiple agents.  The aim is to create a scenario by which the general public can explore the experiences of the veteran.  The veteran in turn engages a public as a form of healing.


Memory Cloud

“Potentially one of the most dramatic – and also most obscene – art events ever to be held in London” – Telegraph

Memory Cloud is a transient light environment that transformed London’s Trafalgar Square over three nights in October 2008. Commissioned by the London ICA Live and Media Arts the performance was named one of the top ten public art projects by the London Telegraph.

Memory Cloud is based on smoke signals – one of the oldest forms of visual communication, for three nights the public was invited to participate by sending text messages that will be grafted onto plumes of smoke.



Minimaforms was invited by Archigram‘s David Greene to rethink and evolve his seminal projects the Living Pod and High-Rise Tower as part of a show called Imperfect works. Their contribution incorporated the original Living Pod (model courtesy of FRAC Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain, Orléans, France), the remaking of part of Greene’s original High-rise Pod model and new model that explored a metamorphosis of the original living pod/pod tower through a process that privileged evolutionary tactics through behavioral response as a stimulus for collective engagement.

Caption: Archigram’s original model of the Living Pods

Pods evolve tails and communities form through animalistic tendencies. Units act as mirrors, observing, recording and broadcasting the occupational patterns as a form of emotive conditioning. The aim was to speculate on models that could engage man through feedback and circular activity and evolve new concepts of living through dynamic organization and social experimentation.


For more info, visit Minimaforms web-site here.

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