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3 Cities, 100 Years Ago

March 9, 2010

Market Street, San Francisco, 1906. Days before the earthquake/fire destroyed the area.

San Francisco, Barcelona and London. Historical footage from over a century ago of these three fantastic cities. And speaking of billboards cities in our last post, you can already see the “Logorama effect” taking hold of the urban landscape. Next two vids after the jump. Enjoy!

Barcelona, 1908. Filmed by Ricardo Baños.

London, 1903. Hyde Park Corner, Parliament Square, Charing Cross Station and more.

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  1. March 9, 2010 1:50 pm

    Wow, it´s amazing! I´m specially happy to watch that film of Market Street at San Francisco. I enjoyed spending some time in this city and is so evocative to see how that street has changed…

    I recommend another hisotric film from San Fracnisco, this time more recent (1958):


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