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Mike Sinclair | Photography

March 3, 2010

Mike Sinclair is an architectural and fine art photographer based in Kansas City. Photographer Mike Sinclair works from the inside, out. As described by Sara Didtin His images literally begin in the middle of country. They contain the sort of deeply-centered observations that seep into the core of what it is to be an American, and eventually find their way out, tickling the skin with warm familiarity.”

Sinclair has photographed architecture since 1984 but has recently begun to document the leisure time of modern American society. He also has some series of landscape and personal photographs that make up an interesting archive about urban culture and society.

His images poetically portray the “American way of life”, drawing attention not only to the events but to the people themselves. He also has a personal blog, in which his personal thoughts on situations and images offer a deeper experience to the reader.


More info at Sinclair’s web-site and BLOG

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