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INTERVIEW | Andrew Maynard

February 23, 2010

Andrew Maynard Architects aka AMA was established in 2002 following Andrew’s receipt of the grand prize in the Asia Pacific Design Awards for his Design Pod. The core principles in the establishment of AMA was a balance between built projects and broad polemical design studies. All of AMA’s designs are concept rich, left of centre and sustainability conscious; styles and singular themes are avoided. So, let’s see what Andrew Maynar, AMA’s director said to arkinet:

1.  If you weren’t an architect, you would be  – A Jedi.

2. Your most vivid memory of childhood? – Tron

3. Your favorite color is

a) black

b) black

c) green

4. The house is a machine for living in. True or False – Both

[The Tattoo House]

[The Vader House]

5. The best part of being an architect is: The chicks …. oh hang on that’s the best part of being a rock star. The best part of being an architect is …… actually I still haven’t figured that out.

6. “Starchitects” are …… famous?

7. You can’t stand it when … um, not much tends to bother me ...

8. Name three people you admire. Geoff Darrow, Terry Gilliam, Toyo Ito

9. Choose between the following activities:

A stroll in nature.

Organizing the office by color, alphabetically, and any other possible category.


[CV08 – A polemic presented at the RAIA’s national conference in Sydney]

10. When you aren’t working, you like to … Play COD4

11. Cynisism and negativity are enemies of creativity.

12. You mostly look for inspiration in:

a) nature

b) history

c) technology

d) all of the above

13. Are you superstitious? No.

14. Tell us a deep, dark secret. I have an evil twin brother locked in the attic.

15. One of your favorite films is … Brazil

16. I value lego, ethics, video games and peace more than anything in the world.


In 2001 Andrew travelled throughout the United States, Europe and parts of Thailand. While in London he joined Charter Architects to work in the Richard Rogers Partnership on a collaborative
urban design project. Upon return to Melbourne in 2002 Andrew went into private practice undertaking commercial and residential projects as well as numerous large international design competitions.

Andrew Maynard Architects has been published in journals such as the Architectural Record, Architectural Review [London], Monument, Houses, A+T [Spain], Architecture Australia, Wallpaper [London] and Pol Oxygen.

More about AMA’s projects, here. We want to say thanks to Andrew for kindly answering our interview!!

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