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FIBROUS TOWER 2 | kokkugia

February 22, 2010

This series of experiments are part of an ongoing study into fibrous tower skeletons which explore the generation of ornamental, structural and spatial order through an agent based algorithmic design methodology.

Several iterations of the tower have been developed. The initial study located the fibrous network within the thickness of a comparatively simple shell geometry enabling the use of conventional techniques to construct a highly differentiated tower. Subsequent iterations have tested the spatial possibilities of woven interior structure and atriums, which delaminate from the exterior shell.

This project is the continuation of the Fibrous Tower, were the initial topology of the shell’s articulation is algorithmically generated through a cell division procedure in response to the tower geometry. The shell is at once performative and ornamental. It operates as a non-linear structure with load being distributed through a network of paths, relying on collectively organized intensities rather than on a hierarchy of discrete elements. The load-bearing shell and thin floorplate enables the plan to remain column free.

kokkugia is an international design practice based in london and new york that operates through design, research, experimentation and teaching. kokkugia’s ongoing design research involves the creation of generative design methodologies developed from the complex self-organising behavior of social, biological and material systems. drawing from this expertise and research kokkugia provides consulting services in algorithmic design and computational geometry – working on projects with clients such as cecil balmond at arup [agu] and with a leading european manufacturer on the development of a concept car.


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