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Digital Design Comic Book App

February 22, 2010
Our friend and TEDxArkitects guest Dennis Dollens, biodigital building expert, has just released his Digital-Design Comic Book as an iPhone app called BioDesign #3, a companion to his recent book, D-BA2: Digital-Botanic Architecture II and follow-up to the 2006 design comic: The Pangolin’s Guide to Biomimetics & Digital Architecture.

From ongoing experiments with bio-generative software, this comic book graphically explores design and digital nature through forms and structures derived from plant simulations: e-trees, branches, leaves, and flowers.

The app illustrates works generated with Xfrog using biologically and environmentally derived information while also considering ways to infuse botanic attributes into structures, stl models, hybridized technologies, and materials while keeping in mind performance goals such as shape-shifting aerodynamics, passive air filtration, temperature and pollution control.
The comic’s drawings are rendered from the project’s CAD files to visualize and hypothesize ways for “digitally growing”—simulating—bio-design and bio-evolved forms with sensors and actuators for hybridized urban structures.
Dennis Dollens, a professor of architecture in the Genetic Architectures and BioDigital master program at the Universitat International de Catalunya, Barcelona.
More info here

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