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CO2 Cube | A Tonne of Change

February 22, 2010

CO2 Cube has been worked with a software system and all of the 4D tesseract code for a dynamic video playback system designed for 2 faces of a giant cube, which was floating on a lake. It was a beautiful public art and awareness project that actually had some degree of positive impact.

From the press release:

Obscura Digital, the San Francisco based team of creative technologists and designers has developed a video sculpture exhibit of software and content that explores the theme of carbon dioxide and climate change for CO2 CUBES – Visualize a Tonne of Change at the historic UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Obscura Digital is changing the way humans interact with and experience scientific data.

“Obscura had deployed a 4-D Hypercube User Interface System as a dynamic media portal that is capable of viewing web based, real-time, and produced content that is integrated into public art sculptures. 4D content delivery offers new dimensions for audiences to interact with visual concepts, this exhibit presents what 1 metric tonne of carbon dioxide looks like through earth, art, science, and individual content sources from around the world,” stated Travis Threlkel, Creative Director of Obscura Digital.

The cube is constructed of 12 shipping containers stacked in an interlocking pattern on a custom engineered floatation barge. Two sides are covered with an architectural mesh fabric for video projection, while the other sides remain as open exposed shipping container surfaces. We are utilizing Obscura Digital’s FireFrame graphic and digital media system, LED light design by The Do Lab, two 20,000-lumen projectors, and an audio system to illuminate the CO2 story on the cube.

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  1. Annie Chu permalink
    February 23, 2010 4:29 pm

    Was this project also associated with architect Christophe Cornubert?

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