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Looking For Oil | Does It Make CeNSE?

February 19, 2010


On HP’s new global sensor system (Central Nervous System for the Earth):

“In the first commercial application of CeNSE technology, HP and Shell will build a wireless sensing system to acquire high-resolution seismic data. By vastly improving the quality of seismic imaging, the new system will allow Shell to more easily and cost-effectively explore difficult oil and gas reservoirs.” HP Labs

“The world’s best seller of PCs and its biggest oil company will collaborate on a wireless sensor network to aid in oil exploration. In the system they imagine, sensors like the one seen above will be laid on the ground at regular intervals across hundreds of square miles, listening for sound waves bounced through miles of sub-strata and hopefully pockets of oil.” Fast Company

“The creation of a global sensor system would be an incredible breakthrough – it could make our cities more efficient, save lives, and enable us to better understand, track, and combat climate change. As HP Labs senior researcher Peter Hartwell has stated, “If we’re going to save the planet, we’ve got to monitor it“. Inhabitat

As much as I’d like the latter, it’s hard to tell. Is the point to make smarter, more sustainable cities or to (sustainably??) discover the very last bits of the non-renewable resource?

According to HP, “the solution will provide a better picture of existing and alternative energy resources – allowing Shell to perform more targeted oil exploration and reduce their environmental impact.”

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