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Tomas Saraceno

February 16, 2010

Tomas Saraceno, born in 1973 in Tucumán, Argentina is an artist that currently lives and works in Frankfurt. He studied architecture at the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires and that’s how makes sense Saraceno’s interest in architectural projects as part of the artist’s ongoing fascination  with utopian theories and astronomical constellations.

Saraceno is what we can call a completely experimental artist, that pushes the conventions of art and architecture and their capacities to invoke inventive solutions to complex questions about how we inhabit and coexist in the world. With new forms and materials he’s always creating a new environment and different forms to inhabitat our planet.

As described at the Walker Art Center web-site:

Saraceno is internationally recognized for his architectural proposals that frame the interdependencies of systems to ponder ecological questions beyond the natural world. Much of his work has involved conceiving environments that anticipate new socio-cultural platforms for interacting and experiencing our surroundings. “Saraceno is treating the gallery space as a biosphere, where works installed in close proximity sometimes connect through a network of cords and ropes to offer a concrete picture of what the world would look like if he was to design it,” says Walker associate curator Yasmil Raymond.

We can read also:

Inspired by the ecological philosophy of Félix Guattari and the visionary thinking of architects and theorists such as Buckminster Fuller, Peter Cook, and Yona Friedman, Saraceno has drawn on principles of architecture, engineering, and physics to create walk-in environments, kinetic sculptures, floating gardens, and solar-powered balloons that bring together a variety of ecologies—environmental, psychological, and social—to propose new platforms and vehicles for inhabiting the world.

This well-known interest in architecture lead him to be part of the design team of The Cloud. With his experimental sculptures, including balloons and inflatable constructions, that alter our experience of the built environment, the design really  is a big scale-model of other smaller Saraceno’s designs:

Saraceno’s work has been exhibited widely, including The Walker Art Center, the Barbican, the Hayward Gallery, the Venice Art Biennale 2009.

We want to say thanks to La Periferia Doméstica for sharing the amazing Saraceno’s flickr page!!

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