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Aircruse | Clipper in the Clouds

February 12, 2010

The Aircruise concept, created by Seymourpowell’s design, is a giant, elegant ‘clipper in the clouds’ airship. This captivating and romantic vehicle caught the attention of Korean electronics and construction giant Samsung which now uses the concept to showcase its own visionary outlook on the future.

The concept for Aircruise is centred on a future for lighter than air vehicles. Airships typically need large volumes of a lighter than air gas, in this case hydrogen, with a comparatively smaller space for payload. Aircruise’s environments offer capacious spaces with a low density of passengers – an appealing model for a calming cruise experience. With enormous room for living, dining and relaxing, as well as scope for dramatic and inspirational public spaces, the idea of a hotel in the skies became the focus for the vehicle.

Airship R80


From the press release:

Lift is provided by hydrogen, the lightest gas, and the clipper is powered by large hydrogen fuel cells. The four external envelopes contain modular self-sealing lifting bags, minimising the incidence of bag rupture and ensuring safe flight even with a major external skin tear.

Its construction would demand the very latest advances in materials, structures, stabilisation and clean propulsion technologies, although the only real barrier is financial investment.

Airships hold a particular place in the common imagination, conjuring images of romance, luxury and exploration whilst travelling. In a world where speed is an almost universal obsession, the idea of making a leisurely journey in comfort is a welcome contrast.

Do we need all this luxury? We don’t think so!

Thanks to Alex Orlich for the info!!

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