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Forced to Live under a Bridge

February 11, 2010

Outrageous but true. A new highway to a nearby airport under construction in the northwestern province of A Coruña, Spain, is leaving the residents of the small town of Culleredo with no choice but to live under a bridge. Apparently, the Ministry of Public Works thought it would be enough to expropriate only the pieces of land needed to erect the giant, 20-meter high pillars, refusing to compensate the residents for the full value of their homes, which will evidently plummet after the fact. Deafening noise-levels, structural vulnerability, hazardous conditions, not to mention having to look up at a massive overpass instead of the sky… Its not enough that someone (your own government, no less) renders your home inhabitable; you are literally forced to live under a bridge. The town is currently filing endless complaints against the project, in addition to the plans to expand the nearby airport.

via El Pais Galicia

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