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Of Pigs and Architects

February 5, 2010

From the author of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: A Tale Moderne, comes a new architectural spin on another classic kids’ fable: The Three Little Pigs. Illustrator and former New York Times Op-Ed art director Steven Guarnaccia tells the story through the building techniques of Corbusier, Wright and Gehry, who demonstrate the structural properties of glass, stone, mortar and brick in fending off the Big Bad Wolf.

Illustrations from the book:

Below: We like the nod to Italian magazines Domus and Abitare! (See Abitare’s review here.)

The 36-page book is available for purchase from Corraini for 16€ or from Unica Home for $29.

And speaking of the little pigs, we also found this architectural rendition of the fairytale by Spanish architects BOPBAA, which approaches the story from a very different angle…that of sustainable and low-cost construction. The video formed part of an exhibition at Barcelona’s FAD gallery last year on the significance of the “low-cost” phenomenon.

Indeed, two very contrasting visions of pigs and architects!!

Have a fun friday!!

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