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January 25, 2010

X|A is an experimental architecture practice founded in New York in 2007 by Erick Cárcamo and Nefeli Chatzimina. Their research is based in the development of prosthetics, replacing the perception of beauty and compensate absent functions, aesthetics.

This project is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to explore one of the densest –in terms of urban and political history, vegetation, contrast, and physical presence- blocks of that metropolis. Across from Plaza San Martin and bounded by Arenales, Juncal, Basavilbaso and Esmeralda Street, in the central area of Retiro, the block holds the Ministry of External Affairs and Religion.

From the design statements:

Prior to being a Ministry, this was the Anchorena Mansion built in 1905 to house different branches of that family. The mansion attempted to hold within itself all that was admired at the time, telling multiple tales through architecture, painting, sculpture, tapestry and decoration, in a dense, ostentatious, mysterious manner. Now with the development of that central area in Buenos Aires and the assertiveness of the current government there is considerable pressure to add density to the block and enlarge the building housing the External Affairs Ministry.

X|A’s design intentions and processes deviate towards the extreme conditions of innovation and the pure coherence of technique invention, an architectural practice networked in Europe, US and Latin America.  Their expertise is based in experimental techniques of animation software, scripting and digital fabrication.

Thanks to @cerreyes for the tip!

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