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Pic Trivia: What’s this?

January 22, 2010

Do you know what this is? Answer after the jump!

Answer: X-Seed 4000

With all the flutter lately over the world’s tallest building(s), here’s a littel relevant trivia. Clearly a figurative architectural allusion to Mount Fuji, this 4000-meter tall, 6 km-wide artificial mountain set in the waters around Tokyo is the tallest building ever envisioned. That’s um…almost half the height of Mount Everest, just to put it into perspective.

Considering obvious hurdles ($1 trillion budget?), the least of which include acclimatization requirements and vulnerability to tsunamis and earthquakes, the project was never meant to be built, and rather, was a promotional stunt used to garner attention to Taisei Corporation, the firm that proposed the design back in 1995. It sure worked! With a projected capacity for 800 floors and a population of up to 1 million inhabitants (that’s right!!), the “futuristic environment combining ultra-modern living and interaction with nature” had people fooled for a while as to the real intentions of the project. Rumors of it actually getting built were put to rest in 2007, when Shohei Ogawa, a manager in the planning department of Taisei’s international division, told archRECORD: “It was our dream proposal for the technological advances we thought could happen in the future.” Phew.

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