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Rebuilding Haiti | Support the Cause

January 14, 2010

via NY Times

Our thoughts are with the people of Haiti especially during these difficult times. It’s incredible how architecture has the power to save or kill in the event of a natural disaster. As Cameron Sinclair of Architecture for Humanity points out in this New York Times article, “In Haiti, most if not all of the buildings have major engineering flaws,” some of the reasons for this being the addition of sand to the high-priced concrete that comes from the US, resulting in weak buildings blocks, as well as inefficient building codes and inappropriate design. There’s many ways we can help out. AFH offers us the opportunity to do so not only in rebuilding, but in making sure this catastrophe doesn’t happen again. In partnership with Yele Haiti and the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group, AFH has launched an appeal to support their efforts in the long term rebuilding of affected areas. If you can, make a donation, however small!

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