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Miami’s Plans to One-Up the Burj

January 13, 2010

Nothing like a bit of morning comic relief. Over at Building Design’s News Junkie I spotted this priceless trailer for Miami’s answer to the Burj and the current state of the world. Ah, always in that little plastic bubble of theirs. The idea for the mixed-use/luxury apartments/shopping mall/highrise complex–surpassing the Burj Dubai Khalifa by 480ft/150m–is almost as hilarious as last year’s Manhattan Airport proposal. Remember that?! Speaking of which, the tower is so dang tall, that the owner of this visionary Miampolis is in talks with the Federal Aviation Administration to create a no-fly zone over South Beach and the Port of Miami!

Will this “art of urban living” scheme fly? Building Design smells a possible hoax; could it be any other way? Seriously? I mean, “Miapolis is a $22 billion metropolis financed entirely by private resources, through a bond offering underwritten by global financial groups.” People might be fooled by the whole “green spaces” thing and “locally grown food markets” schpeel, but–global financial groups? Redefine how cities are conceived? Pure comedy. What I really want to know is, do they always get the same guy to do those ridiculous voiceovers?!

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