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Visual Communications I. Envisioning Weather

January 12, 2010

First year architecture students at University of Hong Kong, under the guidance of John Lin in his “Envisioning Weather” course, are fascinated by cross-fertilisation between architecture and other disciplines. The observation of atmospheric conditions is the pretext to create a series of evocative flipbooks whose laser-cut pages, when flipped through, reveal an ever-changing structure in time.

The project begin by looking at specific conditions of tjhe natural world that are initially thought of as unstable, nondescript and ever-changing: CLIMATE, WEATHER and SEASONS. Elements such as wind, rain, condensation, twilight, cloud, shadow don’t have any pre-determinate form as much as a way of behaving in relation to other things.

This documentation is turned into a flipbook that reveals simply the animated processes of mark making and erasure:

What the flipbook represents is really a spatial transformation. This initial hand drawn flipbook is analyzed and rationalized into a set of CAD drawings that are then laser-cut into a final flipbook. In its final form, the flipbooks can be considered eithr as a solid-voice space, or when flipped trhough, an ever changing structure in time.

All images taken by dpr-barcelona at the Beyond Media Festival

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