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Urban Orchard 2 | AMA

January 8, 2010

Andrew Maynard Architects is a young Australian firm, completely ideas-based and working in some interesting sustainability aproaches to improve architecture. Some time ago, they designed the project Urban Orchad,  with the proposal of a garden that contributes a SOCIAL space, creates a low impact and sustainable ECONOMIC model, beautifies the URBAN landscape and improves our urban areas impact on the ENVIRONMENT. Now, they’re presenting the Urban Orchard 2:

This is AMA’s second Rooftop Orchard proposed in Melbourne. It has a total area of 4000m2 fine grain development that grows over time rather than bombarding the site in one hit. All of the structures are prefabricated and lifted into place in fully functional condition.

The site will feature a mixture of retail and hospitality dotted by small public areas and all planned around a centralised urban green space. The current roof has an extensive sky light. A sliding deck will cover the roof light to create extra public space when the building below is closed.

Just as in the first project, this time the task is that rather than only producing a beautiful, green rooftop space, also create a greater, and achievable urban gesture. The proposal of a working garden that is wonderful to visit, great to have events at, while also producing food much like Cuba’s Market Gardens is something new and closely related with the new tendency of creating Urban Farms to feed the cities.

With the prefabricated structures the “buildability” is fully guarantee and also gives a sense of portability.

More info about the project here. You can also follow AMA on twitter, here.

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