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TERMAL COMPLEX CLUB | Nabito Arquitectura

December 15, 2009

The client has to be courageous and brave for they have a great opportunity. They also carry great responsibility as they try to build, face to face with the history of one of the most important civilisations of the world: The Roman Civilisation.

NABITO Arquitectura proposes a reinterpretation of particular elements of the Roman lifestyle that they believe have not changed over time. They aim to re-enliven the spirit and essence of The Romans and try to give a timeless space, a space of OTIUM, the Virtus Quieti.

A Space of adulation, a space to relax, to celebrate, to relate, to be naked and to be different. Through the studies of different maps, plans and drawings of the old Roman TERMAE and the functions of the Domus. Through doing so they have discovered that The Romans were more contemporary than we are, their life-styles simultaneously, complex , serious and recreational.

The fascination by their urban planning and blown away by the scale of their buildings. NABITO writes about these: “If you think today of the difficulties imposed by various laws on building in Rome, it seems ridiculous. Rome has everything; it is one of the most contemporary cities without contemporary Architecture and Urbanism. Rome is autonomous. It is the eternal city.”

Images will explain the project and process of this Minuscule Reinterpretation of The Roman Spirit in more detail which we have called ‘The Domus Aguae’.

The Domus Aquae is adjacent to The Coliseum and north of the The Old “TERME DI TRAIANO” in The COLLE OPPIO.

From the design statements:

“We have followed the example of the Roman domus proposing two distinct areas: the Hortus and Balneum. Within these we aim to create a multifunctional space where you could pass an hour, a day or a week. A Living Space, a space to eat, to smell, to hear, to pass through, a path of wellness, to relax, unwind and forget.”

You can read more info at Nabito BLOG.

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