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AGENDA | 2nd Zürcher Zine Sezession

December 9, 2009

Nieves Books and Rollo Press are presenting the 2nd Zürich Zine Sezession, a happening that will host over 50 independent publishers from around the world.

The “2. Zürcher Zine Sezession” which takes place the coming Sunday, 13.12.2009 from 12am – 12pm at Perla-Mode in Zürich. The participants, mostly designers and illustrators, are:

Andrew Jeffrey Wright (Philadelphia)
Anne Käthi Wehrli & Lena Reiser (Zürich)
Asher Penn (New York)
Asterisk (Tallinn)
Bedford Press (London)
Beni Bischof (St. Gallen)
Boa Books (Geneva)
Cafe Royal (Southport)
Camilla Candida Donzella (Milano)
Chinese Wax Job (Honolulu)
Duke Press (London)
Dynasty Zine (Athens)
Elk (New York)
Emanuel Tschumi (Zürich)
Eric Andersen (Zürich)
Eric Marth (Virginia)
Erik van der Weijde (Amsterdam)
Ethan Hayes-Chute (Berlin)
Famicon (London)
Faund (Lausanne)
Flag (Zürich)
Für Immer (Zürich)
Grilli (Bern)
GRRRR (Zürich)
HAHA Höland Annett & Haas Anna (Arnhem)
Hekuzuku (Zürich)
Himaa (Tokyo)
Innen (Budapest)
Islands Fold (Victoria)
Kaugummi (Rennes)
Les Editions du 57 (Dunkerque)
Malheft (Zürich)
Marsplastik (Zürich)
Motto (Berlin)
Nazi Knife (Lyon/Paris)
Nicole Bachman (London)
Nieves (Zürich)
Ooga Booga (Los Angeles)
Piczine (Paris)
Pipifax (Zürich)
Püre Bildmagazin (Zürich)
Public Library (Santiago)
Retard Riot (New York)
Robin Cameron (New York)
Rollo Press (Zürich)
Samuli Blatter (Luzern)
Sergej Vutuc (Heilbronn)
Shoboshobo (Paris)
Sister (Los Angeles)
Stefan Marx (Hamburg)
Sumi Ink Club (Los Angeles)
The Kingsboro Press (New York)
The Lions (Montreal)
Turbo Magazine (Biel/Bienne)
Zines Mate (Tokyo)

More info can be found here, here and here.

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