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Re.evolution lounge+bar | a10 studio

December 1, 2009

Our friends from a10 studio just sent us their new project: the Re.evolution lounge+bar, in the center of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is a project that you’d most probably be seeing in Miami or LA than in a touristy Mexican beach resort; it provides some fresh air to the city nightlife, and has also unintentionally triggered a micro urban renewal in the neighborhood.

Cabo San Lucas, a popular vacation spot and one of the places in Mexico with the highest density of high-end resorts, faces two public images; on one side, a place of highest luxury and style, visible trough resort catalogues and sponsored promotions, while creating a ‘vision’ of ‘traditional’ Mexico with palapas, colorful taco stands and mariachis. On the other side the town of Cabo San Lucas in its mere heart reveals dusty streets, poverty, cheep local labor and poor urban image due to the negligence of urban planners.

From the press release:

The “Re.evolution lounge+bar” project called for the remodeling of two different commercial spaces, joining them together into a restaurant and a lounge bar in downtown Cabo San Lucas. a10 studio saw in this project the opportunity to comply to the clients needs and transform the two existing ‘rough’ spaces into a comfortable and contemporary space for a restaurant and a lounge bar, seeking to stand out from the expensive palapa-like bar that seems to be the general aesthetic for businesses in the area.

The project explored the redefinition of the “ground”, the manipulation of the ground surface, transforming an element that carries a fixed code into an active field, complex and mutant. The ambiguity between the surface and the space, between bi-dimension and tri-dimension, is perhaps one of the constants of the project as an alternative to the contrast between the ground and the architectural object.

The plan of the project – a restaurant wing (together with kitchen and services) and a bar wing, which are interconnected and function as a whole, but which can also be isolated and functioning independently as individual spaces if needed – is solved with a spatial loop with transgressive trajectories, with knots and crosses, links and virtual links, as well as overlapping messages which are attractors of activity intended to provoke multiple situations (junctions seeming impossible suddenly become possible) in open and closed spatial agencies at once. All these elements make the space feel like a single sleek surface folding into each other, the factor that enables lights to create different ambient, atmospheres and feelings with a mere change of color of the light.

The Re.evolution lounge+bar is creating a lot of buzz bringing style, contemporary architecture and design to downtown Cabo, and furthermore creating a micro urban renewal after neighbors realized the added value of putting design to work for them and their businesses, plenty of them have started painting their facades, or even planning to remodel their very own businesses improving the overall image of this part of the city.

As Mariano Arias-Diez principal of a10 studio says: “This are the kind of things you hardly realize when you do a project, but then, when architectural ideas mix with the everyday rationalization and use of the city by its dwellers and flaneurs, great things can be accomplished”.

architectural project: a10 studio

principal in charge: Mariano Arias-Diez

location: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

area: 198.50 m2

project year: 2009

final images: Romana Lilic + Onairam Saira / LA76 strategic design





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