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Dubai: The End of The World? » dredger-on-the-world-islands-development-dubai

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  1. Ireland permalink
    June 8, 2010 8:34 pm

    The ultimate nightmare!! How can human beings be so arrogant, incredibly stupid, selfish and so filled with self importance as to think this is clever? Self indulgent prats without an iota of education or intelligence and too much loose cash in their pockets!

    How sick our world has become.

    The earth will always win – the end of humans is surely close when this is the level of intelligence on earth.

    Some of us try to live decent lives in harmony with nature and the billions of species we share this earth with.

    Others, like these gobshites, bring the end of the world ever closer ever faster.

    I feel so ashamed that some think this is smart or admirable.

    It isnt.

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