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Quick Post | Farshid Moussavi about Superstudio

November 8, 2009


Two days ago, we published a review about Farshid Moussavi’s conference The Function of Form. She kindly took a look at our post and send us a brief text talking deeper about the meaning of Superstudio’s image at her conference. Here it is:

At the conference, she showed the image above and we related it as some kind of inspiration for the Yokohama project, but now, she clarified this topic: “I was using the Superstudio slide as a way to contrast the approaching of forms through the concept of novelty, as opposed to the concept of the New. Novelty is produced by taking something that exists and differentiating it (by adding something external to it). Differentiating structural systems across time is an example. The New is about proposing an abrupt change discarding all exists. Superstudio is an example of the New.”

We want to say thanks to Farshid for taking the time to raed our post and now, it’s our time to agree about her idea of the new. We also think that Yokohama Terminal is also an example of the new:

8 FOA Yokohama Terminal

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