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WAF 2009 | Project overview Arena Zagreb by Upi 2M

November 6, 2009


Yesterday at the World Architecture Festival more projects were presentated. We’ll be reviewing some of them in the forthcoming days, starting now with the  Arena Zagreb project in Croatia by Upi 2M.

Arena Zagreb is a multifunctonal hall with a 90,340 square-meter footprint. It is located in the southwestern part of Zagreb, Croatia, at one of the main city entrances. It also lies opposite of popular Zagreb recreation and sports center Jarun. Arena Zagreb became a new city emblem in one of its main axes, offering citizens a wide array of leisure events.


Upi 2M team while presenting their project.


The Jury, with Benedetta Tagliabue at the right





Some crazy “inflatocookbook” ideas went on while designing the roof, that finally ended up like this: The shell shape follows the structural logic – it partly covers the inner space with curved columns. Basic shapes and structural elements of this hall include pre-stressed prefabricated reinforced concrete columns that reach up to 39 meters in height. Eighty-six columns surrounding the hall defines the volume, carrying a lexan facade, supporting stands and a suspended steel roof structure. Coulmn height ranges from 26,5 meters to 38,8 meters. The steel roof structure spans a total of 104 meters.


The jury focused on the platform that supports the project and how the Arena will interact with the Shopping Mall that will be constructed adjacent to it. The Upi 2M team were really great communicators, explaining all of this and how using the platform enabled them to have more space for the project and at the same time, to create an iconic building, elevated at the riverside.


Please stay tunned for more WAF presentation’s reviews. We’ve got exclusive pics that have never seen the day of light, like the crazy inflatable idea and will be uploading them during the week!!

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