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Classroom of the Future

November 3, 2009


Designed by Gollifer Langston Architects, the Classroom of the Future is a prototype expandable mobile classroom which is delivered off the back of a standard flat bed lorry. Once in place the capsule extends to create a wide footprint with stage and ramp access. The scheme was selected by the DfES as one of 30 pilot projects to deliver new models for future learning environments.

The concept was to develop a flexible ICT rich environment capable of easy transformation to support changing uses, including recording, film and performance based activities. Configured as a learning environment in this case, it can be readily moved from school to school.




The project is a prototype highly ICT resourced transportable classroom for use throughout Camden and commissioned by Camden Children Schools and Families. It was funded as part of the the governments Classroom of the Future initiative that sought to stimulate thinking about future school environments.

An opportunity existed to facilitate the use of advanced and developing ICT in an innovative school based environment, different and complimentary to current provision and representing a window on the future. A well equipped and transportable classroom supported by knowledgeable and creative staff provides an exciting means of supporting and enhancing teaching, sharing of good practice and enabling widespread access to specialist teaching and learning materials. Planning was simplified by it being treated as a temporary building and no problems were encountered.



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