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Ruta del Peregrino is now under construction

October 30, 2009


La Ruta del Peregrino is a pilgrimage route extending over 117 kilometers through the mountain range of Jalisco, Mexico. Over two million people from around Mexico make the journey every year to begin their pilgrimage in the town of Ameca to finally in Talpa de Allende, home to the the Rosario Virgin, as an act of devotion, faith and purification. This annual pilgrimage tour takes place during Holy Week and again in May for the Virgen del Rosario patronage festival.



Tatiana Bilbao and Derek Dellekamp were commissioned by Secretary of Tourism and the government of Jalisco to masterplan and coordinate the projects to provide infrastructure, basic services, shelters, viewpoints and sanctuaries along the route. Their aim was to make the route more permanent and to create a source of economic income for the local people. The masterplanners invited an international team of architects, designers and consultants to realize these projects, thus bringing a new purpose and heightened relevance to the route beyond its religious aspects.





Construction of Ruta del Peregrino is expected to reach completion by July 2010.

Program: Ruta del Peregrino Master Plan
Location: From Ameca to Talpa de Allende, Guadalajara, Mexico
Client: Ministry of Tourism, State of Jalisco, Mexico
Status: Construction begins on February 2009
Curatorial Team:Dellekamp Arquitectos | Derek Dellekamp
Periférica | Rozana Montiel and Tatiana Bilbao
Research Team: Adiranne Montemayor, Carlos Zimbron
Invited Architects and Designers: Ai Wei Wei | Fake Design, (China)
Luis Aldrete (Mexico), Christ & Gantenbein (Switzerland),
Dellekamp Arquitectos (Mexico) Elemental (Chile), Godoylab (Mexico),
HHF (Switzerland), Omar Orlaineta (Mexico), Periférica (Mexico),
Tatiana Bilbao (Mexico),Taller TOA (Mexico)

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  1. October 31, 2009 2:17 pm

    Interesante, habia oido hablar de este proyecto, pero no sabia que estaba ya tan avanzado.

    Tiene algo de LandArt: Objetos en el paisaje que sirven para generar una relacion entre el usuario y el entorno. Todo esto lleva a pensar: arquitectura o escultura? (Incluso Dellekamp habla de que el santuario es escultura)
    Siempre he pensado que un elemento que genere la sensacion que he comentado es arquitectura.

    Por cierto, el Santuario… no para de recordarme a Solano Benitez.

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