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New Country House by EcoLogicStudio

October 26, 2009


Our friends fro EcoLogicStudio has shared again with us one of their latest projects: the New Country House. The project is located [or will be located] in West Sussex in the south of England. Since its conception the project has been driven by the idea that a design of exceptional value can become an important heritage for the area in which it is located. Moreover if the landscape surrounding the site is of outstanding natural beauty then there is potential for a strategic synergy where the two components, natural and manmade, contribute to each others enhancement.



Over half the county is protected countryside and with a site surrounded with rich vegetaton, the team has realized that the consistent implementation of the ecological agenda requires an intelligent use of technology, not only at the level of design but also at manufacturing stage. The opportunity for this project arises from the presence in the area of an innovative wood processing facility that enabled us to design the material cycle for the wood that will be removed from the site to free space for the house and to maintain the balance of the coppiced woodland. Inwood Developments will be able to take the wood from the site and to process it with a laminating technique.




The project has therefore developed all its elements, from the concept, to the development of design solutions, to manufacturing and technological systems, from the engineering of this synergetic relationship. The symbiotic relationship with the site has been then explored at the level of facade and structural design of the house.

All imaged from EcologicStudio. More info here.

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