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Shanghai: a view from the street level

October 15, 2009


Our friends from MovingCities had just published an interesting serie of post about Shanghai, the largest city in China, and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, with over 20 million people. We found curious the last of the three post called Shanghai | Streets, where they made a photographic report looking at the city from the street level. Here are some of their pics:



As in many other areas in China, Shanghai is undergoing a building boom. In Shanghai the modern architecture is notable for its unique style, especially in the highest floors. It’s easy to catch up some pics like these ones [below] with construction workers in a city that never sleeps.



MovingCities quotes: “After seeing the city as a corridor of constructions and a carpet of collisions, the ground level is a canvas for civic life. Here goods are transported, accidents happen and the continuous swirl of metropolitan life can be barely frozen in pictures.”




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