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ROOFscape: architecture | light | land

October 1, 2009


Our friend from EcoLogicStudio share with us their latest project: ROOFscape:  architecture | light | land. It is the Carosello shopping mall extension in Milan and it was done focused on the integration of the architectural solutions with the m&e design [Mechanical and Equipment Design] and their functioning with the overall environmental design strategy. The whole site has been developed to integrate the building within the countryside landscape, avoiding the quality of suburban “non-place” by adding architectural characterisation within a paradigm of continuity with the landscape and its natural processes. Positive side effects are an improvement of the surrounding microclimate, of the personal comfort level and a reduction of energy consumption.



The role of ecoLogicStudio within the team has been to develop an overall ecologic design concept for the mall and that to develop and prototype its distinctive feature: the landscaped roof system. 3 are the main identifiable design stages:

-the development of the environmental design concept for the whole building complex, aiming at a coherent integration between the architectural features of the mall system (and its branding potential) and its real environmental functioning within the climatic extremes of Carugate. The main objectives were a drastic reduction in the building’s overall running costs together with an increased comfort and attraction for the end users.

-the development of the roof geometry, the parametric modeling of its components, the design and testing of the prototypes, the selection of the material palette and the definition of the parameters controlling its adaptability to the different climatic conditions during the year; the efficacy of the system has been tested in terms of climatic and luminous effects within the mall space, and against adaptable comfort conditions.

-the integration of the architectural solutions with the m&e design and their functioning with the overall environmental design strategy.




The permeability of the thick skin is achieved through the “pores”, prototypical components that perforate the vegetated surface and allow for controlled flows of light and air to enter and exit the skin. These components have been part of architecture since centuries in various forms but here in Carosello they acquire an organic double curved conical shape to combine more effectively architectural character with perfomative potential. Their smooth curvature and tilted orientation promotes natural light diffusion and soft sky view while their conical geometry promotes air extraction and reduced impact on the integrity of the skin.




For more updates, you can follow EcoLogicStudio at @ecoLogicStudio

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