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PROXY Florence

September 28, 2009


PROXY Florence is a dynamic map and a collective story of Florence created through the interplay of virtual space and physical space and the interaction of 500 collaborators from 27 countries. The project exploits social media networks to develop this worldwide collaboration and collection of data that is then precisely mapped using geotagging technology.



This, combined with variable data printing process, leads to the production of a 4-dimensional precise, unique and collective document of Florence as well as to the development of qualitative human interactions across continents in our dynamic and complex public realm of today.



These images were mapped according to the image’s remembered or imagined location. These numerous images were returned to their origin in Florence, Italy and specifically, as a scale down version of this city, at Stazione Leopolda, the space of the exhibition. The visitors of this event were invited to dismantle the exhibit by removing the postcard of their choice to keep or mail to a friend. At that moment the name of each collaborator lit up, remaining in the space left behind by each image taken, collectively creating a constellation of points, lines and data defining the structure and quantitative aspects of the map. PROXY Florence is mapping the route of each image and connecting the recipient of the postcard with the origin of the photo and its taker.


For more information, photos, other videos, credits visit the PROXY Florence website and PROXY Florence facebook page.

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